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This is the strictly semi-automatic variant of the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle, which is a collaboration with other world markets who required civilian versions of our popular assault rifle.


The CZ BREN 2 weapon system is one of the most sophisticated on the global market. Its advantages include simple design, extreme reliability, high accuracy, low weight, excellent ergonomics and ambidextrous or easy to adjust controls.

These properties are also fully retained in the semi-automatic model in the popular .223 Rem and 7,62x39 calibres. In comparison with the automatic version, this model does not have the option of short burst fire, while the most significant difference is the independent forend and the absence of mounting rails on the bottom and the sides. This enables users to customize and fine tune their models to their own preferences.

According to the specifications of:

Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration.

Weight 2,99 Kg
Caliber (rate of twist) .223 Rem. (7"), 7,62x39 (16")
Magazine capacity 30
Frame Aluminum alloy
Barrel length 280 +-1 mm
Overall length 762 - 807 +-10 mm